What the @#%& is an Advent anyways?

Advent = Ad + Event. See what we did there?
Of course you did, you're in advertising.

The Advent Calendar is a community driven hub for Calgary advertising and marketing events. By the arty, eccentric and awesome for the arty, eccentric and awesome.

What kind of shenanigans are considered to be Advent-worthy?

  • Award show submission deadlines.
  • Advertising, Marketing or Social Media meet-ups or courses.
  • Ad Rodeo, AdDrinx, or other local ad-folk event

To add an event and help grow our community, just enter your information below. We'll review and publish it within 48(ish) hours. You know how we are with deadlines.

If you have any questions, comments, or backhanded compliments, drop us a line at advent@zgm.ca.

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